A series of circles in a doughnut shape, becoming larger to the outer image. Grey line drawing circles on a black background, representing a complex idea made simple.
The leader’s challenge is to make the complex simple.

Facts about leadership in Australian schools

  • It has been acknowledged that the role of the principals has become more complex over the past 20 years and in addition to be instructional leaders principals are also required to be managers of human, financial and other resources, staff evaluation and community relations to name just a few of their responsibilities (Matthews, Moorman and Nusche, 2007).Leadership is integral to school effectiveness and school improvement, and a direct link has been identified between effective school leadership and enhanced student outcomes (Day, Sammons, Hopkins, Harris, Leithwood, Gu, Brown, Ahtaridou and Kington, 2009; Robinson, 2007; Waters, Marzano & McNulty, 2003).
  • Currently there is a lack of adequate formal leadership preparation programs for principals (Starr, 2009; Matthews, Moorman & Nusche; 2007).
  • To do their job effectively principals require a collection of sophisticated educational skills, knowledge and understanding.

If you are interested in strengthening the leadership capacity in your school, contact Marie Murphy at CLASS.