A women wearing a red hijab sits on a bench with her two children.
Involving parents in your school.

Facts about parent involvement in schools

  • The better the parent involvement culture is in a school the better the student outcomes (Jensen & Sonnemann, 2014).
  • When principals are welcoming to parents, communicate frequently and are respectful, parents are generally more interested in being at the school and becoming involved with the school (Crozier and Davies, 2007; Jeynes, 2011; Turney & Kao, 2009).
  • Involving parents in their children’s learning is of value socially, academically and behaviourally. These effects can last beyond the school years. (Mapp, 2002; Desforges & Abouchaar,2003; Harris and Goodall, 2007; Mutch & Collins, 2012;     Weiss, Bouffard, Bridglall, & Gordon, 2009).

If you are interested in greater parent involvement in your school, contact Marie Murphy at CLASS.