Three teachers role playing an interview panel with Marie Murphy role playing the interviewee.
Dr Marie Murphy helps prepare teachers and school leaders for leadership interviews.

Your career path

A significant part of every teacher’s professional development is building a career path. A suitable career path uses a teacher’s strengths and experiences and also provides opportunities to develop further skills, knowledge and understanding. A satisfying career does not happen by accident, it requires time, thought and planning. Busy professionals rarely have the time to focus on their career path as their thoughts and planning are generally focused on the needs of their students, staff and community.

Why prepare for your next career move

As a busy professional, it can be useful to seek specialised professional help to support you to identify your career path. An external professional can help you identify what to do to make your way along a path that is suited to your professional and personal needs. A new position needs to be a good match to your current skills and experience. A new position also needs to offer you the opportunity to extend your skills and develop new skills. Moving into the right position can provide professional renewal and motivation. Generally to win a new position the teacher needs to present a strong written application, then if considered suitable the applicant will be invited to interview. Regardless of how experienced an applicant is, presenting your depth of skill, knowledge and experience at interview can be daunting.

The process for preparing for interview

Dr Marie Murphy has extensive experience in preparing teachers and leaders for interview to win the position they are seeking. Based on extensive research on career progression and the interview procedure Marie has developed a process to guide applicants to interview. Using the teachers’ skill together with Marie’s coaching skills and her knowledge of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers she guides aspiring leaders to approach an interview with calmness and a realistic level of confidence.
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