Action research means studying your school environment. A cup of cappuccino has the word 'Study' written in the white froth.
Action research means studying your school environment.

How is action research relevant to schools?

Research can provide a new or different way of seeing something in your school environment. Educational research can also provide some solutions to challenges that exist in schools. Research can present ideas, models and practices that can simply be adopted or adapted to suit the needs of the school.

How can research support day to day practice in a school?

In her role of School Principal, Dr Marie Murphy used research to improve the practices in her schools. To address a problem with school attendance she found it useful to adapt the ideas of Epstein and Sheldon (2002, 2007) on how to improve attendance at an inner city school and improved the attendance of students who were constantly late for school.

Marie simplified Epstein and Sheldon’s ideas and chose two strategies to improve attendance: communicating the possible impact of repeatedly been late to school and making a connection between wanted parents wanted for their children and what the school wanted for their students.

This information was presented to parents at a workshop by showing parents a simple chart of the potential number of hours of learning that can be lost a year if a student is 15 minutes late each day. Parents could see the problem constant lateness could be. They discussed the possible impact of lateness for their children. This resulted in Improved student attendance.

How can CLASS support your school?

Dr Marie Murphy has research experience at classroom, school and broader level. Her practice is grounded in experience and enhanced through ongoing research. Marie’s research interests include: second language learners; parent and community engagement; teacher quality; teacher professional learning; integration of students with disabilities; leadership development and models of leadership. Recent research work includes:

  • Researching Pre-Service Teacher Professional Experience: Negotiating Effective Approaches to Change. An exploration of achieving best practice in the provision of professional experience under the supervision of Dr Tania Ferfolja, Director, Professional Experience
  • Doctoral studies focused on Reconceptualising parent involvement in a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) school community.
  • My current teaching in the Masters of Teaching at Sydney University allows me to maintain my knowledge of recent research.

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