Marie Murphy works alongside a school leader, assisted with technology. Both are engaged in a professional dialogue.
Guiding leaders to make effective decisions.

What is school leadership coaching and mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring provides personalised, collaborative, focused support sessions to motivate and guide school leaders in the complexities of their everyday work. Coaching is goal centred and allows principals to focus on specific goals across a range of areas including curriculum, professional learning and administration. Mentoring has a different focus to coaching. Mentoring is collegial, directive support where the professional mentor is available to discuss ideas and challenges and partner the leader in developing a path of action. Some of the benefits of leadership coaching and mentoring include the provision of purposeful, timely support; non-judgmental assistance, collaborative problem solving and tailored professional learning. Marie Murphy at CLASS, has developed a service that is bespoke and fosters solutions that use the leaders’ strengths and considers the demands of the school context.

Why leadership coaching and mentoring?

School leaders are busy and often over stretched, spending much time focused on the day to day demands of the school environment. Leadership coaching gives principals the opportunity to focus on their own professional learning and development needs. The coaching relationship is not about supervision or accountability, but provides the space for leaders to explore the challenge and complexities of their school environment and develop a range of ways to respond to these challenges. Working alongside an experienced coach or mentor can make a difference to how a principal might view things when immersed in the situation and busy with the demands of their day.

The process for leadership coaching and mentoring

Dr Marie Murphy at CLASS, works directly with leaders to support you to identify your immediate needs and challenges, and find ways of addressing these. Challenges may take the form of a new project, a different way of doing things, or preparing for a new leadership position. Once a plan of action has been identified, Marie works alongside you to achieve this goal. Marie also works with collegial teams of principals to develop a group of critical friends who address challenges together and share skills and problem solving strengths. Projects Marie has coached and mentored leaders through include developing new academic programs, resolving staff interpersonal problems, preparing presentations for conferences and coaching for the interview process.

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