Marie Murphy at CLASS stands in front of a whiteboard with a mind map, animated and engaging teachers involved in a professional learning session.
Dr Marie Murphy at CLASS runs a teacher professional learning session.

What is teacher professional learning?

Teaching is a powerful profession. One way of making good teaching great is through professional learning. Teacher professional learning is not simply input sessions. Professional learning is the development of a specific plan that arise from exploring issues , modifying known strategies and applying new understandings to meet students’ learning needs. Input can take the form of working with colleagues, action research, small group input and academic reading. A school professional learning plan comprised of specific sessions can be developed to meet a school’s needs. The school plan, student performance data and Teacher Individual Professional Learning Plans provide valuable data to inform decisions about the school’s needs. Targeted teacher professional learning also supports teachers working towards higher levels of accreditation against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Why teacher professional learning?

Teachers are arguably the most important elements in student learning as the quality of teaching is the single greatest in school influence on student engagement. The effectiveness of the school is dependent on the quality of the teaching that occurs in each classroom. The most effective way to improve school effectiveness and student outcomes is to focus on student in engagement and instruction. Teacher professional learning is one way to support teachers to be the best instructors they can be. Teacher professional learning can take many different forms. Professional learning can operate for a whole school, small group, action research or individual challenges that teachers choose to take on at different stages of their career.

The process for teacher professional learning

Based on the school plan, Teacher Individual Professional Learning Plans and student performance data, CLASS coaching can help you to prioritise the professional learning needs of the school and tailor these to suit the preferred learning styles of your staff. Using this information, CLASS can support the school to develop whole school professional learning plans to meet the goals of the school, individual teachers, leadership teams or stage leadership teams.

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