Marie Murphy,, CLASS, is smiling and sits next to a child friendly smily face that looks over her shoulder.
Dr Marie Murphy understands schools’ professional learning needs.

Workshops and presentations

It is challenging to plan relevant professional learning that caters for the range of development needs of all staff. This challenge is now more complex with teachers working toward accreditation based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Teachers working towards higher levels of proficiency are required to demonstrate their skill across all elements of the standards and may require further professional development to do this. It can be difficult and costly to source relevant teacher professional learning. Teacher professional learning is most effective when developed and supported daily in the school. The result is consistent quality practice.

Why supplement your professional learning program with workshops and presentations?

From time to time-specific input is required to address identified gaps in the school’s professional learning repertoire. This is particularly relevant with new curriculum being introduced and in areas identified as requiring further growth. In such cases schools may require external input to provide appropriate professional learning that is focused on the specific needs of the school and occurs at the school.

What CLASS offers

Dr Marie Murphy has expertise and experience in preparing and facilitating workshops and presentations for schools and other organisations in:

  • Engaging the wider school community
  • Educational Leadership
  • Key considerations for effective community work
  • Engaging NESB Parents
  • Rethinking Multicultural Education: Community assets, education partners
  • Working together: Building home-school relationships in a Multicultural Community
  • Reconceptualising parent involvement in a culturally and linguistically diverse community
  • Parent focused planning
  • Developing a Parent, Student, Teacher Action Team
  • Educational programs that address diversity
  • Building and maintaining effective teams
  • Leadership of parent involvement

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